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Welcome Surfers!

How do you mix rock, reggae, a little punk and some alternative licks? You start the Silverfish Surfers. At least that is what we did in 2015. Born out of a funny idea and a few sessions that turned into songs that turned into a first concert and finally into an album.

Silver Surf’s up!

Good things come to those who wait. Man, we did wait. And record. And now it’s done, the first album is finished and out in the world. Check it out at Spotify, iTunes and everywhere else. Or, in case you still dig CDs, you can buy one at one of our shows or write us an email and we’ll send you one. With handmade silkscreen-cover and 16-pages booklet. Signed of course – if you want ;-).

Silverfish Surfers, Orangehouse, Januar 2020, Foto D. Suppan

What a fun night! We had a fantastic evening, thank you everybody for coming and singing along, this was a night to remember! Check out the pictures!

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Silverfish Surfers, D'Amato, 21.04.2018

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