Attention: Nov., 25th, 2017 live at the Marstall, 82335 Berg!

So, the 25th of November has passed and either you’ve been there or you missed it. Either way, we put a few photos on the website here

There will be no concerts in the next weeks, but beginning of next year we will announce upcoming shows for 2018. Starting Dec. 1st we will be in the studio recording a couple of tracks with Bobby Altvater from Sky Studios in Munich.

Cheers and rock on!

––– THE BAND –––

For approximately 3 decades it did seem for granted, that these guys would never share the same stage. Too big the objectively musical and subjectively cultural differences. Was it wisdom of age, the ravages of time or simple an inexplicable urge? We will never know. For one more year and for the same reasons it felt impossible that the five would come to an agreement and find a name for the band. But – they did. Risen from the ashes of once legendary bands like Bokassa’s Fridge, A+P, Fat Chance Hotel, D.G. Gordon or Bent Not Broken they dance like a rock. Or so… :

Silverfish Surfers

Jörn Kachelriess: voc/git
Stefan Busch: voc/git
Florian Pröttel: git
Uli Paggen: bass/voc
Nils Böhme: drums

––– THE MUSIC –––

What happens, when rockers, punks, indies and indifferent people squeeze into a rather tiny rehearsal space? They come out of it with big tone and style. Huge, actually. And sweat-flavored. 

Three guitars are a class apart, that leaves no room for a horn section – which doesn’t matter, cause those guys usually never show up for rehearsal. Anyway, we found out that this moves the wall of sound into a certain direction. Rock maybe? We have three singers which is rather unusual, but it provides lots of diversion also for ourselves. Besides it’s not on one man’s shoulders to memorize all the lyrics. Be that as it may, in the audio player you find some current outpourings.

And if you want to listen to even more songs, check the vault here:


––– THE SHOWS –––

More pictures can be found in the SILVER GALLERY… 

––– THE MERCH –––