The Music

This is it. Seriously! The much-desired, long-announced first album of the Silverfish Surfers. And on top it is limited. Nobody needs CDs today with everything being digital and hidden in the clouds. But we wanted to have the real deal and here it is: 12 songs which first had to pass a tough democratic selection process, which had to performed at its best at three different studios and finally landed on this silver disc. And we are pretty proud of it. The songs, the CD, the booklet, and the completely hand-printed screenprint cover – man, we did a fine job 😉 Deluxe!

What happens, when rockers, punks, indies and who knows what kind of people squeeze into a rather tiny rehearsal space?

They come out of it with big tone and style.
Huge, actually. And sweat-flavored.

Three guitars are a class of its own that leaves no room for a horn section – which doesn’t matter, cause those trumpet guys usually never show up for rehearsals. Anyway, we found out that this moves the wall of sound into a certain direction. Rock maybe? We have like 2 1/2 singers which is rather unusual, but it provides lots of diversion also for ourselves. Besides it’s not on one man’s shoulders to memorize all the lyrics. Be that as it may, in the audio player you find a first selection of the upcoming album.

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