The Band

For approximately 3 decades it did seem for granted, that these guys would never share the same stage. Too big the objectively musical and subjectively cultural differences. Was it wisdom of age, the ravages of time or simply an inexplicable urge? We will never know.

For one more year and for the same reasons it felt impossible that the five would come to an agreement and find a name for the band. But – they did. Risen from the ashes of once legendary bands like Bokassa’s Fridge, A+P, Fat Chance Hotel, D.G. Gordon or Bent Not Broken they dance like a rock. Introducing the…

Jörn Kachelriess

vocals and lots of guitars

Stefan Busch

guitars and lots of vocals

Florian Pröttel

more guitars

Uli Paggen

bass and baritone vocals

Nils Böhme

drums and sticks